2011 Rio Grande Cup Regatta

Nov 4-6, 2011

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Back row L-R: Dick Ball 40, John Fisher 77, Jim Linville 27, Bob Fisher 177, Stephen Bailey 67, Kieth Radcliffe 87, Bob Jones 83. Front row: Ernie Thorpe 23 & 127, Mauricio Dantas 71, Eric Rosenbaum 11, Carveth Kramer 111, and Mike Jiron 73. (Boebert photo)
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Eric Rosenbaum took home the Rio Grande Cup First place award for the third consecutive time. Presentation was by RD Pete Eschman. (Kathy Bailey photo)
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John Fisher won the Third Place Trophy, presented by RD Pete Eschman. (Bailey photo)
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Mike Jiron won the Second place Trophy, saving face for the sponsoring DCMYC. (Bailey photo)
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Jim Linville won both the Fourth Place and Sportsmanship Trophies, presented by Earl Boebert of DCMYC. (Bailey photo)
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A low wind start on day 2 with Mike and Mauricio in the lead. (Boebert photo)
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Ernie Thorpe won the "Tough Luck" Trophy, presented by DCMYC Commodore Earl Boebert. (Bailey photo)
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Action at the windward mark on day 2 with Bob Fisher and Ernie Thorpe leading Jim Linville. (Boebert photo)
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Eric is rounding the windward mark with John Fisher and Dick Ball close astern, Jim Linville approaching on port tack. (Boebert photo)