Updated Sep 4, 2015

2013 Soling 1 meter R5CR

Skippers at the 2013 Soling 1 m R5CR, Sep 6-7-8

Standing L-R, Jim Scheibner RC, Allen Buzzell 84, Richard Ball 58, Joey Winklepleck 01, Dane Christopher 42, Pat Montalvo 942, Earl Boebert 79, Paul Boucher 1179, Pete Eschman 671, Bob Jones 05, and Kathy Bailey Scorekeeper, with Stephen Bailey RD, in front. (P. Roupas photo)

A nice Peter Roupas video of one heat is here.

Regatta Final Results are here

Soling 2013 R5CR Photos

Richard Ball receives the First Place Trophy from RD Stephen Bailey. (K. Bailey photo)

Pete Eschman placed Second. (K. Bailey photo)

Dane Christopher accepts the Third Place Trophy. (K. Bailey photo)

Pat Montalvo was awarded the Victor Rotolo sportsmanship Trophy. (K. Bailey photo)

The course. (K. Bailey photo)

Center of the local universe. (K. Bailey photo)

Prestart Fleet. (K. Bailey photo)

Clean Start. (K. Bailey photo)

Approaching the windward mark. (K. Bailey photo)

The Lunch bunch preparing for the rush. (K. Bailey photo)