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Duke City Model Yacht Club

Albuquerque, New Mexico

The 12th Annual Rio Grande Cup, April 27-28, 2019
"The Oldest RG65 Racing Series in North America"

2019 RG Cup Regatta Notice of Race (NOR)
2019 RG Cup Regatta Sailing Instructions

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Our RG65 Class celebrated its 40th Anniversary on June 24, 2018
We were the first club to sail this class in the US!

Fredo Vollmer, RG65-ICA: provides this background information:
It was the 24th of June, 1978, when Raul Landó, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, launched his "Lady Susan", free sailing, Braine steered "G65" (without "R"!) at the Plaza Urquiza pond, but this time WITH R/C INSTALLED! This became the VERY FIRST RADIO "G65", that is, an "RG65", and Raul has Sail Number "1" since then. :-)    Forty years of uninterrupted class activity is an achievement well worth celebrating, so RG65 sailors everywhere hope to hold as many RG65 events as possible on Anniversary Day.

DCMYC held our celebration one day early on June 23, starting with brunch at the Aquarium Shark Reef Cafe at 10AM, followed by some some good RG65 racing at the Tingley Beach Model Boat Pond. We had six boats racing, three of which were DF65s, all under the supervision of Race Director Earl Boebert (our RG65 USA Class President and AMYA Class Secretary).

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The Duke City Model Yacht Club (DCMYC), formed in April 1996, is sanctioned by the American Model Yachting Association (AMYA) as club No. 213. The club promotes radio-controlled model sailboat racing for the benefit of the membership. Club activities include: Model sailboat racing, development of model sailboats and components, and the conduct of regattas with similar associations. DCMYC is the only AMYA club in the state, and membership is not limited to Albuquerque residents.

Albuquerque was founded in 1706 and named after the Spanish Duke of Alburquerque. Hence Albuquerque is referred to as the DUKE CITY. The first "r" was dropped from the city name in the 1800's.

Thirteen Solings enroute to the windward mark at the old Tingley Trench, February 2001

Photo by Petynia, camera by Carlson

Racing and RD Schedule

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About AMYA

The Sailing Rules

History of DCMYC

Membership Application

RG-65 & Soling Photos

The yachts we sail

Where we sail

Club Officers

Contacting us

Pre-2006 photos

DCMYC Handbook pdf

Race Director Duties

Sources of Boats and Components

A Glossary of Sailing Terms has been compiled from several sources by Joe Frasier:
Go direct to: Glossary of Sailing Terms
Or optionally, Download Glossary in pdf format (57Kb)


Our club races under International Sailing Federation (ISAF) rules. The Soling One Meter class yachts race on the second and fourth Saturdays, and the RG65 class races on the first and third Saturdays each month for points, with trophies awarded at the year-end banquet to the top skippers in each class. Three or more boats are required for an official race event. We begin racing at noon and race a series of heats until about 2:30 PM on scheduled Saturdays. Racing takes place year round, providing that the pond does not freeze over in the winter. Our Rio Grande Cup for the RG65 class typically takes place in April, and other special events may also be held during the year.

A history of DCMYC is here.

MEMBERSHIP Includes full rights to participate in club sailing events and vote on club affairs; membership is not limited to local residents. Current club dues are are pro-rated following the schedule listed in our Membership Application. This application is a PDF you can fill out using most recent PDF viewers, or you can print a copy and fill it out by hand before sending to our club Treasurer.

About AMYA

The AMYA is devoted to promoting the designing, building, racing, and preservation of all model sailing yachts. These goals are pursued by recognizing certain classes of model yachts, sanctioning model yacht regattas, recognizing model yacht clubs, publishing the magazine Model Yachting, and promoting model yachting in general. Any model yachting enthusiast will benefit by joining the AMYA and meeting others with the same interests. AMYA members who are U.S. citizens may compete for the U.S. in international competitions. More information may be found at AMYA web site.

Racing Rules

The DCMYC races under the same rules used by Full size, walk-on boats, those promulgated by the ISAF.

A tutorial on Racing Rules (.pdf 428 KB) intended for new skippers and useful to all may be found here.

A great illustrated rules poster, by Henk Plaatje, courtesy of Allen Sailboat Performance Hardware.

Download the Racing Rules of Sailing 2017-2020 (.pdf 1.6 MB) here.

Dave Perry Discusses Changes in the 2017-2020 Racing Rules.

A fun, interactive sailing rules learning game is here.

The yachts we sail

The Soling One Meter (S1m) is 1 meter (39.4 inches) long, weighs 10 pounds with its 54" mast, and uses flat dacron cloth sails. Two radio control channels--sails and rudder--are permitted. The class rules are very strict in that no performance enhancing changes may be made. We have been racing the S1m class yacht since January 1998. Approximate costs: Basic kit without electronics, $225, electronics, from $90 to $260. The boat is available built and ready to sail, see manufacturer for details. This kit requires model building experience to complete. The club has a building jig available for members use. More information may be found at the S1m web site.

The RG65 is the second class raced by the Club. Almost a new class for AMYA, it has been raced in South America since the 1950's, and in Europe for several years. We have been racing the RG65 class yacht since 2008. This boat is a "Development" class in that it may be modified by the owner for enhanced performance. The primary restrictions on the boat are length, 65 cm (25.5"), sail area 2250 sq cm (450 sq inches) and mast height 110 cm (43"). Hull, keel, and sail shapes are open. The ready-to-sail weight is generally less than 3 pounds. This boat seems well suited for the size of our pond, and is easy to transport in any vehicle. We hosted the first National Championship Race for this class in November 2010. RG65 class rules may be found at the RG65 class owners site We also race a restriced class version of the RG65, the Dragon Force 65, available ready to race for about $200 plus shipping. More information on this restricted class can be found at the DF 65 class owner's site

The Dragon Flite 95 is a new class that our Club started racing in 2017. Another a new class for AMYA, it has been growing rapidly in popularity. This boat is a tightly restricted one-design class, only available from a single manufacturer. The boat is 95 cm long (37.4") and weighs 2000g (4.4 lbs) without batteries. The boat can carry four sail sets. The largest set, the A rig, has a mast height of 105 cm (41.3"), with sail area 3736 sq cm (579 sq inches). The Dragon Flite 95 sells for around $375, which includes the stock radio. DF 95 class rules may be found at the DF 95 class owners site

Sources for RC Sailboats and Components may be found here.

Sources for RC Sailboat building tips may be found here.

--Tingley Model Boat Pond--

The Pond is five years old, July 8, 2011, a Bill Klein Photo.

Where we sail

To visit us, please feel free to visit us at the pond, or contact a club officer for more details. All are welcome and we will help you sail one of our boats before or after the races we sail.

We have a permanent year round sailing location with handy parking, handicap access, and nearby toilet facilities. To reach the Tingley Beach Aquatic Park, exit I-40 at Rio Grande Blvd (exit 157A); then south 0.8 mile to Central Ave; then west 0.6 mile to Tingley Dr; then south about 1/10th mile to the Tingley Beach entrance road. Or from I25, exit at Lead-Coal (exit 224); then West 2.2 miles on Lead Avenue to Tingley Drive, then North 0.6 miles past the three fishing lakes to Tingley Beach entrance road. The Model Boat Pond is immediately North of the entrance road. Here is a map link showing our sailing location at the northernmost pond at the Tingley Beach Aquatic Park.

A few details on the Model Boat Pond: Two sections of eight foot wide steps directly into the water are provided for those who prefer to walk into the water to launch or "mess" with their boats. The pond edges are sloped about 45 degrees from the edge of the sidewalk down to a four foot depth at the edges and about five feet deep at the lake center line. The pond has a five foot wide concrete sidewalk adjacent to the water around the entire pond. The water is chemically treated to reduce vegetation, and no fish are planted.

The pond is slightly hour glass shaped with the distance across the pond at the neck about 125 feet. The pond widens to about 160 feet to the right and left of this neck. The long axis of the pond is 322 feet, oriented about NNW-SSE.

Tingley Beach details, Before and After.

A Reminiscence of Tingley Beach before DCMYC, by Frank Horine

Club Officers 2019

Commodore --- Pete Eschman

Regatta Captain --- Gifford Hawn

Treasurer --- Peter Roupas

Contacting us

             email:  dcmyc.info@gmail.com

      By USPS mail:  Pete Eschman---DCMYC
                     1916 Conita Real SW
                     Albuquerque, NM 87105

          By phone: (505) 873-1517

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RG65 Photos

Albuquerque's RG65 Fleet, Aug 2008--K.Bailey photo
Left to right, Jim, Steve, Michael, Earl, John
Center boat is JIF-65, other four are ABQ65 hulls designed by Earl.

Skippers at the First Annual (2008) Rio Grande Cup Regatta, October 2008 - K. Bailey photo
L-R, Steve, Michael,John, Jim, Earl with Carveth in front.

Heading for the start at the First Annual (2008) Rio Grande Cup Regatta, October 2008 - Boucher photo

A good RG65 start, July '08.

Soling 1 meter Photos

Barging at the line as the wind changes May '08. Boucher photo.

Five Soling 1 meters May '08. Jiron photo.

Almost too much wind for the S1m May '08. Boucher photo.

Paddle faster guys! K. Bailey photo.

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